Kong Developer portal OIDC authentication

As part of our multi-tenant product, we are using RedHat SSO as IDP. Each customer will have its dedicated realm in RedHat SSO. Say, for example, if we have 5 customers, then 5 realms will exist in RedHat SSO.

We are planning to use the Kong developer portal. As part of the developer portal authentication plugin, when we select the Open ID Connect, we are able to provide only 1 OIDC configuration but we are having multiple OIDC configurations based on the number of customers.

Please suggest a solution for the above issue

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As Redhat SSO is based on Keycloak, the issuer URL changes for different realms. This means authorization endpoint, token endpoint, JWK url are all different…

I don’t think Kong’s OIDC supports multiple issuers on the same configuration at the moment.

@fomm Thanks for taking a look at it. Yeah, we understood that Kong OIDC doesn’t support configuring multiple OIDC at the moment. But we are looking for a solution to it.

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