Kong Dev portal - publishing Open API docs

Hi Kong Team,

We are looking to use Kong Dev Portal for publishing our API openapi and swagger docs. Can any one explain the detail steps on how to configure (upload schema) docs. Also, the format we would like to use for the schema will be json as well as yaml.

Appreciate your help in advance.


Anyone has any ideas? How we can publish the OpenAPI docs once created spec file using Editor in Dev Portal. We have enabled the Dev Portal and created json spec file in Dev Portal. However, it does not really gets added to the Catalog just like other API’s movie API’s, Petstore etc.

@ddesai If you are using Konnect, have you tried creating an API Product and then uploading the spec file there. For the APIs to appear in your catalog it needs to have an API product.

Hey John,

Really appreciate your reply and suggestion. We are not using Konnect. I had just created OpenAPI spec file using Editor in Dev Portal. I am not sure how to create API Product. Can you please share pointers (docs) on how to create API Product on Kong Gateway. On side note, how can we customize Catalog (remove out of the box API products?).

Thank you!

BTW, we are using 3.4.X version.

@ddesai - You can add your specs to this path in editor and it should show up in the devportal. Whatever is in this folder will get displayed. Deleting them can remove them from catalog.

Hope this helps.

Appreciate John for quick turnaround. Yes, I was able to publish the docs now. Any pointers on how to auto publish the docs? May be using pipeline, or a REST EP to push the json/yml file directly into SPECS/example.json. Also, does it support include of json files to the parent?

I don’t think you can manage the in-built devportal using a cli. But you can host one your self where there are lot of options.