Kong command not found


I installed kong, but i want to start kong it show “bash: kong: command not found”

For all kong command it shows same message.

Hello! Did you find the solution for this issue? I am also facing the similar issue on CentOS 7


How did you install kong? What steps have you taken? It looks like the output from the admin root endpoint in your screenshot, so I think kong is already running.


Have you installed the Docker image?

I installed Centos 7 version - tried from repo and also by directly downloading package- it did not work. When i do “yum list installed | grep kong” it shows kong package installed.

Check your PATH , I tried to reproduce your error.
➜ centos7 docker run -it kong_centos sh
sh-4.2# find / -name kong
sh-4.2# echo $PATH
sh-4.2# yum list |grep kong
kong-community-edition.noarch 1.1.1-1 installed