Kong Auth service for eks application

Hi hello.
I have a EKS cluster and i have deployed my api-related applications in cluster also corresponding applications deployed.emissary is used for ingress controller.so in there i have a specific Kind: Auth service is used for a specific service “auth”. Please find the attached manifest file for the service.

apiVersion: getambassador.io/v3alpha1
kind: AuthService
name: test-auth
auth_service: “test-api-auth-service”
proto: http
timeout_ms: 5000
code: 403
path_prefix: “/v1/validate”

  • “x-test-user-id”
    add_linkerd_headers: false
    failure_mode_allow: true

Now i am migrating this applications in another eks cluster and i have migrated the api applications with there corresponding services.But i have used Kong for the ingress controller.I have created a ingress file for routing service “auth”, and i am able to load. But i want a authservice type of kind in kong showed in above.Please help me to figure out.