Kong, 502 Bad Gateway with localhost Service


I am facing to an issue with Kong, i created my service and my route exactly like the 5min quickstart of the Kong’s documentation but i only change some parameters to setup the service with my own api working on localhost:3000.

So there is my setup:

  • Kong running on docker (Docker is running on the same machine than my service)
  • http://localhost:3000/users which is my service always returning JSON
    {“status”: “OK”}

there is what i did to create my service.

I created my service with parameters :

	"name": "users",
	"url": "http://localhost:3000",
	"host": ""

then i created the Route with body:

	"hosts": [ ""],
	"methods": ["GET"],
	"paths": ["/"],
	"name": "users"

then i tried if everything is working with http://localhost:8080/users with header:

and i got the reply:

502 Bad Gateway : An invalid response was received from the upstream

The docker’s Logs (this one hosting kong) :

2019/03/04 09:28:36 [error] 36#0: *63824 connect() failed (111:
Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client:,
server: kong, request: “GET /users HTTP/1.1”, upstream:”, host: “”

So we can see Kong trying to access the good endpoint ‘’ but can’t access to it.

Maybe Kong trying to access is own container localhost but i don’t know, and i don’t know how to fix it, maybe you can help me!

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It definitely looks like your docker kong cannot access your upstream running on host machine’s localhost:3000. There are a variety of docker solutions to this problem. The docker forums provide some guidance (like https://forums.docker.com/t/accessing-host-machine-from-within-docker-container/14248/10 and https://forums.docker.com/t/how-to-access-the-host-machines-localhost-127-0-0-1-from-docker-container/40699).

Hope this helps.