Kong 1.0 (rc3) available for testing

Hello Everyone,

Continuing our release candidate cycle for Kong 1.0, we’re happy to announce the availability of RC3!

:package: Download Kong 1.0.0rc3 today and give us your feedback!

This third release candidate contains the first version of Service Mesh, and some fixes for problems detected while testing RC2. We’d like to thank everyone who reported issues - keep them coming!

RC3 Contains the Following Improvements over RC2:

Service Mesh and Stream Routing:

  • The Kong cluster creates a Certificate Authority shared by all Kong nodes,
    which they can use to establish mutual TLS authentication with other nodes in a service mesh
  • New stream_listen directive in kong.conf, accepting IPs and hostnames, with the optional
    proxy_protocol and transparent :new: (for using iptables) suffixes
  • Kong’s core router can now route raw TCP and TLS traffic
  • Stream traffic routing is done in a new phase called preread
  • Mutual TLS authentication happens in the new preread phase
  • protocol property of Route and Service entities can now be tcp :new: and tls :new: in addition to http and https.
  • Three new properties of Route entities are available for routing tcp and tls requests:
    sources, destinations, and snis

Other Changes in Core:

Changes in Plugins:

  • Plugins can now execute code in the new preread phase

  • All plugins have a new field, run_on, which will control their activation
    in service mesh and “regular API gateway” mode

    Default value, first, is what most plugins will use - on the first Kong node the request hits. Other possible values are all (execute plugin in every Kong node) and second (on Service Mesh mode, execute on the Kong node which is not the first)

  • ACL: Fixed an error in the migrations which prevented upgrading

  • Correlation-Id: Fixed an error when access phase did not execute

You can browse the complete list of changes for this release on GitHub. Additionally, Kong 1.0rc3 contains all changes introduced by 1.0rc1 and 1.0rc2 listed here.

Upgrade Path from 0.14 :arrow_up:

We have made sure that the following upgrade path from 0.14.x is supported, including “cold” nodes (Note: upgrading from a pre-0.14 cluster is not supported):

  1. Download 1.0rc3, and configure it to point to the same datastore as your 0.14 cluster. Run kong migrations up.
  2. Both 0.14 and 1.0rc3 nodes can now run simultaneously on the same datastore. Start provisioning 1.0rc3 nodes, but do not use their Admin API yet. Prefer making Admin API requests to your 0.14 nodes instead.
  3. Gradually divert traffic away from your 0.14 nodes, and into your 1.0rc3 cluster. Monitor your traffic to make sure everything is going smoothly.
  4. When your traffic is fully migrated to the 1.0rc3 cluster, decommission your 0.14 nodes.
  5. From your 1.0rc3 cluster, run: kong migrations finish. From this point on, it will not be possible to start 0.14 nodes pointing to the same datastore anymore. Only run this command when you are confident that your migration was successful. From now on, you can safely make Admin API requests to your 1.0rc3 nodes.

Install 1.0rc3 on a Fresh Datastore :arrow_down:

1.0 introduces a new, improved migrations framework. The following commands can be run to prepare a new 1.0 cluster from a fresh datastore:

$ kong migrations bootstrap [-c config]
$ kong start [-c config]

What’s Next :rocket:

Our next release candidate, 1.0RC4, will add more features to Service Mesh. Stay tuned for more updates!

As always, feel free to reach out to us here or via GitHub issues if you have any questions or feedback about this upgrade path, or the contents of this release in general! We appreciate the feedback we receive from our release candidates testers and thank them in advance!



Have you planned to provided this rc3 on docker hub ? https://hub.docker.com/_/kong/
Currently the last version available is the rc2.


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Yes. Our bad. We are working on it. Thanks for reminding us.

Thanks for pointing that out. PR is open here to update the docker hub https://github.com/docker-library/official-images/pull/5097

What’s the planned date of the 1.0 GA ?

The third release candidate is now available in the Kong app for Heroku:

:egg: Try Kong 1.0 rc3 on Heroku

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