Kong 1.0 (rc1) available for download

Hello everyone!

This morning, during our first ever Kong Summit here in San Francisco, we announced the release of Kong 1.0. You can read more about it in our release blog post, Announcing Kong 1.0.

As with any other major release, Kong 1.0 will go through a release-candidate cycle. The first release candidate, Kong 1.0.0rc1, is available as of today for testing.

:package: Download Kong 1.0.0rc1 today and give it a spin!

Kong 1.0 is for us a way to label Kong’s production mileage, and signifies our satisfaction with Kong’s maturity. Let’s go over what we consider to be the key features that constitute Kong 1.0:

  • The recently introduced Plugin Development Kit
  • Separation of control and data planes for fine-grained deployments
  • :fireworks: A new migrations framework, to ensure smoother upgrades from Kong 1.0 and beyond
  • The Route entity receives a new “name” attribute
  • All entities moved over to the newer Admin API endpoints and arguments syntax handling

Also coming in 1.0, but not yet included in the first release candidate, are:

  • :fireworks: Kong as Service Mesh!
  • Other minor improvements such as HTTPS health-checks and various plugins improvements

Kong 1.0 will also drop support for the deprecated “API” entity in a subsequent release candidate.

This release candidate does not support an upgrade from an existing Kong cluster (yet). Kong 1.0.0rc1 should be installed on a fresh cluster. The new migrations framework will be documented shortly, and requires you to run the following command on a fresh database/keyspace:

$ kong migrations bootstrap

One of the nicest improvements of the new migrations framework, is that you can run this command from any number of nodes you’d like at the same time! Kong’s new migrations help building better automation by handling much of the heavy work for you. More on that later!

We strongly encourage testers to give it a try and give us your feedback! This forum is a great way to ask questions or post feedback, and the GitHub issues are still the de facto place for bug reports.

We wish to thank in advance all of the testers of this important release candidate!


YAY! Great job to everyone who contributed, and thanks in advance to everyone who helps to test the RC!

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More news! The Docker images for 1.0rc1 are now available as well!