Issue getting metrics of Kuma mesh services using AWS prometheus and AWS Grafana

Hi everyone!

I am using EKS and installed Kuma mesh. I am able to see the metrics of Kuma CP(Dashboard: 13416) but apart from that, I am not able to see any metrics of “Kuma Dataplane”, " Kuma Mesh", " Kuma Service to Service", " Kuma Service" and " Kuma MeshGateway" (Observability | Kuma)
I installed Prometheus server using helm in “prometheus” namespace.

I am not sure why I was not getting the metrics, so, I installed kuma observability. (kumactl install observability | kubectl apply -f -). The namespace is “mesh-observability”. And I could visualise all the metrics.

Am I missing something? Any help, advice is really appreciated!

You may want to check with the Kuma Slack channel or community call: Community | Kuma

I believe that team monitors those more closely.