Is this possible to use kong ingress controller in kubeadm setup


I am setup kubeadm cluster and install kong ingress controler via helm
After that proxy service status is Pending
No load balancer ARN shown in proxy service details. What may be the issue
I think kubeadm don’t have the ability to create load balancer in aws. If so how to configure kubeadm to access the aws resources

Outside the scope of what we can answer I’m afraid. All we do is request the LoadBalancer, and it’s up to the cluster to then satisfy that. I’m unsure if it’s possible to install the AWS cloud provider (the cluster component responsible for provisioning load balancers and such) into a kubeadm-managed cluster–the " Create a Kubeadm Config File" of this blog article suggests you can, but we wouldn’t be familiar with the details. The kubeadm team would likely be able to answer your questions better.

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