Is there a way to encrypt cassandra password in kong.config?

Hi Team,

I have a kong.conf file which has cassandra password in clear text. I wanted to know if there is a way to encrypt this password so we do not see in clear text.


Kong can get config values from the environment (add ‘KONG_’ to the beginning of a configuration variable and make it uppercase).

In your case, you can run kong withKONG_CASSANDRA_PASSWORD=$DB_PASSWORD kong start

Hope this helps

Thank you @Raimon_Grau for the reply. Let me try this but still the password will stay in env variables, which I want to avoid too. Is there a way to inject the password through command line? May be something like
kong start -D KONG_CASSANDRA_PASSWORD='<db pass>'
in this case I will try to directly get the password from vault and inject it.
I am just thinking out loud even this might not be a perfect solution. I am open for suggestion.