Install plugins post Kong setup


Kong is installed on our Kubernetes cluster using the manifest files. InitContainer is used for the migrations.
And main container does the deployment of Kong. So far so good.

Now, we would like to enable plugins as part of the manifest files itself. Could you please suggest as how we can achieve this?


Would you mind clarifying a couple of items:

  • Are you looking to only manage plugin config/enable? And/or,
  • Add plugins that aren’t natively with a Kong deployment?

If just the first item, we use some basic scripts & curl to manage configuration in what call “bootstrap”. This is separate than plugins we use for API policies. Those are managed through the admin api proxy endpoint. That process is handled in our CI/CD process and leveraged changes triggered from our source code management system.

If both are needed, we build Docker images with the specific luarocks install step and then pass KONG_CUSTOM_PLUGINS ( env variable in the manifest. The changes are push through a CI/CD process.


we are trying to implement CI/CD process for the KONG?
Can you please let us know how this is been done? We have something like DEV, QA, LIVE environment. In most of our use cases the downstream URL’s and Consumer credentials varies between all these environment.