HTTPLog and status code 400 and body {"text":"No data","code":5}

I tried to set a HttpLog and write the data to Splunk which also lives within the same docker-compose. Currently, Kong Api cannot post the event to Splunk because of this error. I’m not sure how to fix this problem since Spunk sees no data in the post request.


kong-api-gateway | 2023/11/01 01:20:11 [warn] 1267#0: *691 [kong] queue.lua:188 [http-log plugin 19b70faf-9f6e-498b-b764-58eb4aaa446a] queue https://admin:de90fd95-78a9-4b5e-a48f-3181c8a95628@splunk-log:8088/services/collector:POST:application/json:10000:60000:nil: handler could not process entries: request to splunk-log:8088 returned status code 400 and body {"text":"No data","code":5}, context: ngx.timer

The only solution is using “raw” endpoint