Seeing this error flood our Kong logs lately

I am wondering if this is a bug or intended behavior on Kong side. I find REST API calls that use xml and not json on request to be a little old school, but I don’t think Kong should for every single xml based request throw an error log like so which floods our stdout logs and makes finding real nginx TCP/backend errors via simple scrolling impossible at the moment(not to mention I was told once before that doing ngx_log() constantly yields a performance hit):

2018/09/13 00:23:59 [error] 35#0: *7605051 [lua] public.lua:139: get_body_info(): don't know how to parse request body (can't decode Content-Type 'text/xml; charset=utf-8'), 
client:, server: kong, request: "POST /api/some/path/service/v1 HTTP/1.1", host: ""

Does this seem like proper practice, is there anything Kong can do as to not flood logs for every xml based tx? I can make a github issue if you believe it to be a bug but I wanted to ask here first.

(I don’t think this plays a roll in the error but including anyways)
Plugins existing directly on this route/service:

Global plugins:
Varient of the HTTP Logger
Rate Limiting set to local 500 tps
Kong upstream JWT:
correlation id

We run Kong 0.14.1 w Cassandra Datastore.

Maybe just change it from ERR to DEBUG or something else??

Figured out the root cause and fixed it here:

Closing this as solved now.