Http-log plugin ssl_handshake configuration

Wanted to use the “http-log” plugin and redirect payload to a secure https/tls server.

Looking at code in plugin:

if parsed_url.scheme == “https” then
local _, err = httpc:ssl_handshake(true, host, false)
if err then
return nil, "failed to do SSL handshake with " …
host … “:” … tostring(port) … ": " … err

ssl_handshake call just fails with handshake failed. On the server side the http-log behaves like it is not sending its certificate chain.

Alternatively If I configure kong out of box, and proxy to https/tls protected endpoint directly, connection works great.
This approach has the following config:

client_ssl = on
client_ssl_cert = “client cert pem”
client_ssl_cert_key = “client key pem”

Does the underlying httpc:ssl_handshake call not use the same client_ssl_cert configuration?