Http 302 error (Moved Temporarily) with kong spec expose plugin

Hi All,

From the documentation - Kong Spec Expose plugin | Kong Docs ,while accessing /validating the spec via service <http://hostname:proxyport//specz>its throwing 302 error as shown in screenshot (plugin is applied properly)


any pointers or suggestions are welcome…

Replied to your email about this earlier that its likely just the endpoint specified performing redirection(which will mess things up). Vs an configured endpoint that just returns the JSON/YAML contract of a service. Gotta provide a URL that does not try to perform a redirect call.

thank you for the quick response!!

Hi guys,

I also encountered the problem and decided to test it on multiple routes and it always gives back 302 error code.I will be really glad to here any suggestions

is this resolved ? I’m able to deploy kong spec plugin properly