How we can do redirection for SSO page using Kong (configure throght yml file)

Hi, I am looking for redirection for one api , when user request for api it should redirect to SSO page , I am trying to use “response_rewrite” (plugins) ,but it is showing error related to pulgins not added to kong (i am using docker image for kong ,congfiuration like “KONG_DECLARTIVE_CONFIG_STRING”), also it there is any other ways, i am using kong 3.2.2.-2.9.0 ,also can i do redirection without any pulgins.


Is the response_rewrite plugin on Kong ? or is it a custom plugin.

If its a custom plugin, you need to package it with your docker image or mount them on configMap and add the plugin on your docker env

-e “KONG_PLUGINS=bundled,plugin-name”