Can I redirect error page after JWT check?

I am using JWT plugin in kong.
When a request is received that does not have a token, I want to redirect to an error page or login page instead of displaying an error message on the screen.
Can I redirect to another page if Token is invalid or absent after checking Token?

Env : Kubernetes, Kong, Kong-ingress, DBMode
Refer :

You could tweak the existing JWT plugin to do so but I don’t think there is a way to do this out of the box in Kong.

Thank you for response

Can I add the redirect function in custom plugin about error response like 404 401 …?
Please let me know more detail or example.
And I wnat to modify the default “KONG ERROR” page, is it possible?
I can not find “KONG ERROR” page in kong

env : kong ingress, db mode(postgresql), kubernetes