How to use reponse rate limit plugin?

Sorry guys I need an example of how can I exactly set this plugin parameters according to a specific rest api. I read the kong document several times but I still don’t understand how can I use this plugin, Any help is really appreciated.

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This plugin works like rate-limiting plugin. The response-rate-limiting plugin limits requests based on a custom response header returned by the upstream services and the config values we provided by admin APIs, and the rate-limiting plugin limits requests only by the config values. The difference is that it checks the custom response header returned by the upstream services.

If we use this plugin, we also have to require the upstream services to return proper responses. That is, the upstream services have to be modified accordingly. Then this plugin and upstream services can work together.
We can use rate-limiting plugin directly, because it doesn’t depend on the responses from upstream services.

This is my understanding. I haven’t used it in concrete scenarios in real world.