How to use multiple key-auth per consumer

It is possible to configure multiple authentication keys per Consumer. Suppose I have three keys, KEY_1, KEY_2 and KEY_3 corresponding to a single Consumer, how can I restrict KEY_1 to use only over SERVICE_1?

No. This is not possible out of the box.
You can have multiple consumers (with 1 key per consumer) and then restrict a subset of consumers to a specific service using the ACL plugin.

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but how hard is this to do? You mention it isn’t possible out of the box… but how much extra work is needed?

For my end-goal I would likely be writing a custom-plugin already, so I am just trying to find out if this is a dead-end before even starting.

Also, potentially related… are these files still valid in kong? When extending the admin-api?


This page ( has a link to this type of source-file used in the key-auth plugin but the link is dead. Additionally, I haven’t seen this type of file used in other plugins.