How to use a GKE static IP?

My first post here. Have to say it is looking good. Tried lots of other K8 Ingress products and found too many setups/demos that just don’t work. Kong came up nicely.

Okay, but there’s something I need to add. The deployment for GKE guide says “If you wish to use a static IP for Kong, you have to reserve a static IP address” but it doesn’t say how to tell Kong to use it. I have several set up with DNS pointers to them. I want to use one of them for this. Where do I add that to the config. It is working fine with an ephemeral IP, but I want it to use static.


Okay, I worked this one out myself.
I just need to add
loadBalancerIP: XX.XX.XX.XX

to the kong-proxy service created by k48s.yaml. It goes under the spec tag
XX.XX.XX.XX has to be a Premium Regional IP address (Standard doesn’t work and the docs say Global doesn’t work). And that forwards with my IP just fine.

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