How to run test cases?

Please provide step to run test cases? Example:

I am using busted for run test cases

Error: attempt to index global ‘ngx’ (a nil value)

That repo is prepared to be tested in travis-ci, so the easiest way to run the tests yourself would be forking the repo on github, opening a free account in travis-ci, and adding your fork to your travis. Then it should run the tests automatically on every commit and branch pushed to github.

If you want to run the tests locally, the procedure is more involved. Notice the .travis.yml file file and the .ci folder. Those scripts are the ones which set the environment prior to running the tests. They would have to be adapted to be run in your local env.

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Thank you @kikito,
Do have you steps to execute test cases using busted on the local machine?

Sorry, I don’t have those.