Pongo is not generating coverage

I am writing kong custom plugins test cases and running the with pongo -coverage option.
I have already installed luacov and test cases are passing but no files are generated for coverage.

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Hi deepak,

Did you received any feedback about this or found some way to make pongo get coverage data? i tried to configure / integrate it with luacov but failed miserably lol

i saw some “documentation” about this but the few samples i found always used busted directly, none of them were using pongo -coverage option

i tried adding luacov as a dependencie in my rockspec file, and tried both pongo run -coverage and also setted coverage = true option in my .busted file, with no success at all

I am trying an approach suggested here: How to generate and display coverage when running tests with Pongo for custom Kong API Gateway plugins written in Lua - Stack Overflow

Just in case you want to try that too… i will let you know if this works for me

Just added support for it in this PR: feat(luacov) added support for LuaCov code coverage (limited) by Tieske · Pull Request #184 · Kong/kong-pongo · GitHub

Please give it a try. See the update to the readme file for how to use it.

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nice update Tieske !!!

i will try this and report feedbacks here :slight_smile:

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