How can i set group list for whitelist in kong ACL plugins

kong 1.0.3 , database postgres
Now I have two consumers: a , b
a can only consume service ‘service_a’ , b can consume service ‘service_a’ and others
Iset a belong to ‘group1’, b belong to ‘group2’
consumer a,b and service ‘service_a’ have set basic-auth

As official website( example, i input

curl -X POST http://kong:8001/services/service_a/plugins \
    --data "name=acl"  \
    --data "config.whitelist=group1, group2" \
    --data "config.hide_groups_header=true"

but now both consumer a and b can’t consume the services
Interestingly, when i change group of consumer a to ‘group1, group2’,consumer a can consume the service
so it seems like ,comma doesn’t separated list of arbitrary group names as official website says
or my operation is mistaken?

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the issue has been fixed , you can see here