ACL White list synchronisation in Kong hybrid mode

I’m facing an issue when I use ACL and white list in hybrid mode
the data plan seems to not synchronize white list modification

My test is as foolowing

  1. I create a service and a route
  2. I add a JWT plugin to the service
  3. I create a consumer
  4. i create a JWT credential
  5. I generate a JWT on
  6. I add ACL plugin to my service with a whitelist array containing one group
  7. I add the consumer in the group
  8. I consume the api

With a standard Kong configuration (not hybrid) it works fine
In hybrid mode After adding the ACL plugin I can’t consume the api anymore
The data plan doesn’t take care about group modification made on control plan

My request to add the ACL on control plan is
curl --location --request POST ‘https://{my_kong}/services/{id}/plugins’
–header ‘Authorization: Basic {my basic}’
–form ‘name=acl’
–form ‘config.whitelist={group_name}’

My request to add consumer in the group on control plan
curl --location --request POST ‘https://{my_kong}/consumers/{id}/acls’
–header ‘Authorization: Basic {my basic}’
–form ‘group={group_name}’

Is there specific parameters not documented for hydrid mode?

Any idea will be vary aprreciate
Thank you

This possibly is a bug in Kong. Could you please open a Github issue at