gRPC fails to respond and gives timeout

I’ve an issue with gRPC service that I have configured. The gRPC is very simple that just collect some data and respond back with success. I’ve the gRPC running in a docker container with port forwarding configured correctly.

I configured the service as:

  "host": "localhost",
  "created_at": 1586034365,
  "connect_timeout": 60000,
  "id": "624b2ab6-f4ba-404e-8f85-a3b664b49bf8",
  "protocol": "grpc",
  "name": "metric-collector-api",
  "read_timeout": 60000,
  "port": 8500,
  "path": null,
  "updated_at": 1586902400,
  "retries": 5,
  "write_timeout": 60000,
  "tags": null,
  "client_certificate": null

I’ve one route configured as:

  "id": "7327e843-2600-43f6-a202-f5c95294b201",
  "path_handling": "v0",
  "paths": [
  "destinations": null,
  "headers": null,
  "protocols": [
  "methods": null,
  "snis": null,
  "service": {
    "id": "624b2ab6-f4ba-404e-8f85-a3b664b49bf8"
  "name": "collector-grpc",
  "strip_path": false,
  "preserve_host": false,
  "regex_priority": 0,
  "updated_at": 1586903295,
  "sources": null,
  "hosts": null,
  "https_redirect_status_code": 426,
  "tags": null,
  "created_at": 1586134007

I’ve set proxy_listen to:
proxy_listen = http2 reuseport backlog=16384, http2 ssl reuseport backlog=16384

I’ve set stream_listen to off.

Everytime I send a gRPC request from my local machine to the server, It get processed but timeout in response
status = StatusCode.UNAVAILABLE
details = “Operation timed out”

Would appreciate any help or hints on what am I missing?