Feature Request: A. Single CRD which combines KongIngress & Ingress CRD

Hi Kong Team ,

We have been using kong in production ( ec2 ) and dealing with huge amount of RPM . Recently we are trying to migrate few of the api endpoints to Kubernetes based Kong setup using KIC .Things are working fine except Ingress Objects and KongIngress Objects , its a limitation of Ingress Object that we can apply plugins at route level, for that we have to create multiple Ingress Objects which will eventually clutter in near future . KongIngress Object also complements Ingress resource . Can we manage single CRD which can provide functionality of Ingress+KongIngress ( per route plugins , per route configs etc ). For organisations where people have 100’s of microservices and each microservice can have multiple routes using 2 Objects will always be a bottleneck to manage 1 thing.


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