Fail to link postgresql-11 on docker

I am fresh for docker and kong .

I have 2 ECS instances just call them “A” and “B” ;
I install docker and build kong 1.3 on “A” ;
The “B” has a postgressql ;
The I try to migrations kong on “A” linking to postgresql on “B”, like:

docker run --rm
-e “KONG_DATABASE=postgres”
-e “KONG_PG_PORT=6506”
-e “KONG_PG_DATABASE=devauth”
-e “KONG_PG_USER=devauthdata”
-e “KONG_PG_PASSWORD=Paic1234#”
ay/kong:1.3 kong migrations bootstrap

it failed :
Error: [PostgreSQL error] failed to retrieve server_version_num: FATAL: password authentication failed for user “devauthdata”

but the username and password are valid !!!

I think I know that:
it is Special characters !
the password contains a “#” !
I just try a new password without “#” , it success !!!
so, is the way for kong to link postgresql-11 wrong???
or need some improvement?


This issue has been fixed in Kong 1.4.1. Please give it a try!


thank u !~!!
i try it and it goes well