Kong migration/ stat/ initialization failure

$ kong start -c /etc/kong/kong.conf
Error: [PostgreSQL error] failed to retrieve PostgreSQL server_version_num: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user “kong”

i have been screwing with this install for 2 days. I have read over 50 form posts in random corners of the internet trying to address this. API umbrella installed and was usable in 25 minutes. kong daisy chains failures over and over, and wont run with or without database.

Hi @Jake_Porter

Welcome to the community!

I’m sorry for the frustration and hiccups you are experiencing to install Kong.

While we dig deeper, could you try out our Docker installations method? That is much easier and has less moving parts.

I don’t have docker and can’t request/ get one for at least another few months. I have centos 7.

for instance, this

[user@server]$ sudo kong start [-c /etc/kong/kong.conf]
[sudo] password for user:
sudo: kong: command not found

[user@server]$ kong start [-c /etc/kong/kong.conf]
Error: /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/cmd/start.lua:37: Permission denied

i can’t elevate the command, sudo doesn’t recognize kong, and i can’t run the command as my user.

when i try to run as root, again, command not recognized

[root@server]# kong start [-c /etc/kong/kong.conf]
bash: kong: command not found

How did you install Kong?

These errors are different than what you originally posted. You could start Kong according to the first post but Kong couldn’t connect to postgres because of authentication problems.