Error when running luarocks install for kong 1.0.3

I’ve been looking to create a local development environment akin to Kong Enterprise 0.35-4 for custom plugin development. The enterprise changelogs indicate that the Kong Community Edition which corresponds to this version of enterprise is Kong 1.0.3. As part of the steps for installing from source, I’m supposed to run the following command:

luarocks install kong 1.0.3

When doing so (even working around the lyaml weirdness that should probably be mentioned in the documentation), I get the following error when luarocks is installing lua_system_constants 0.1.2:

gcc -shared -L -o lua_system_constants.o
gcc: error: No such file or directory

The error seems to come from the blank -L passed into the linker command. It seems that 0.1.3, a new version of the lua_system_constants published by Marco eight months ago, fixes that by refactoring the build steps for the module to be more standard. Using 0.1.3 would fix the issue, but currently the Kong Community 1.0.3 luarock hard requires lua_system_constants 0.1.2. Is this something we can fix, is there a reasonable workaround, or is there another suitable luarock to install instead of 1.0.3 when developing against enterprise 0.35? Thanks!

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