Egress traffic configuration in Kong Gateway


Currently, we are using Kong for ingress communication i.e. we have exposed APIs to be consumed by our web clients.

There is a need to communicate externally from our service. I was thinking to leverage King Gateway to configure this communication. So, the communication would look like this
Backend Server (Private Network in our DC) --> Kong Gateway (DMZ in our DC ) --> External service on the internet (HTTP/HTTPS)

Is it possible to configure Kong Gateway to enable this communication? Are there any recommendations in setting up this configuration?

Thanks in advance!

Personally I think Egress out of your private network to an external 3rd party API does not need to go through an API Gateway. Their API itself should be protecting ingress with their own gateway services. You as the Client should be going directly to their endpoint IMO. Its a policy we enforce internally that teams must not use the gateway for an arbitrary hop before going to public internet. The only use case I can see would be to help throttle yourself internally to not overload their API, but they should be doing that themselves! Assuming this external API is truly 3rd party.