/docker-entrypoint.sh: line 50: exec: migrations: not found

I am not able to run the kong database after created a container for Postgres in the steps of kong installation steps mentioned in this page:

I am getting the following error on this command - docker run --rm --network=kong-ee-net
-e “KONG_DATABASE=postgres”
-e “KONG_PG_HOST=kong-ee-database”
-e “KONG_PASSWORD=xxxxxx”
kong-ee kong migrations

/docker-entrypoint.sh: line 50: exec: migrations: not found

My system details:
OS : MacOS Catalina 10.15.6
Docker : v 19.03.12
Kong : v 2.1.0

Can you please look into this and let me know what is missing here?

Dinesh Kamal

Hi Kong Team,

Any help on this issue would appreciate.


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