Do we need nginx for reverse proxy?

Hi Team,

I have configured the kong ingress on minikube cluster. My deployed applications are working fine using this url:

I have following questions regarding this:
Q1: Can we set this url without the port number(30596)?
Q2: Do I need to install nginx and configure reverse proxy to access this url outside my machine! or is there any other way to do this?

Not sure with Minikube. Typically you’d expose the proxy as a LoadBalancer Service, which would provision a public IP for it.

Minikube provides a tunnel command to expose access outside the VM, but it’s unclear if that would do what you want: it looks like it might create a virtual interface and local routes for it only, without options to bind to a regular (public) interface’s IP.

The LoadBalancer tunnel will bind to the defined service ports on its interface, and traffic inbound to those ports will route to a NodePort (30596 in your example) on the cluster’s kubelet interface.

If it only provides the virtual interface, then yes, another reverse proxy listening on a public interface outside the Minikube VM that forwards traffic to the LoadBalancer tunnel interface will allow you to expose that listen externally. NGINX or another Kong instance (with no ingress controller) would work–for the Kong instance you’d create a single route for all traffic (path / with no other match criteria) bound to a service whose upstream URL is your tunnel interface IP and LoadBalancer port.