Developer portal credentials not working with service routes


I am trying to setup and api-gateway for an external service and I got stuck on authentication. Here is the brief overview what I did so far:

  1. Created a gateway
  2. Created 4 services within the gateway
  3. Created a single route per every service
  4. Tested with insomnia and everything works
  5. Create API product and linked it with a single service
  6. Created Dev portal and create a test account withing that supscribed to the API product and successfully created credentials

and here is where I got stuck → after creating test developer account, I went back to the service I added to the API product and I installed key-auth plugin there. This triggered and authentication on my route.

My understanding of Kong docs is that the Developer service is a self service solution, meaning if I sign up, and got approved I can create my own app and credentials in order to consume the exposed routes.

Can anyone explain to me why my test developer credentials get rejected whenever I try to send a request ? It’s very frustrating to try to reason the solution based on the docs, they are very brief and inaccurate.

What I want to achieve overall is to setup an api-gateway over my internal API, and allow people to sign-up in order to consume them via the developer portal. I don’t want to use consumers, as those people are exteernal users entirely.

The following webinar is addressing my problem, but within the video we don’t know which apikey the presenter is using, as it’s automagically there, and credentials subject is not directly addressed, only mentioned: