I am facing issue to generate the access token

i have an service named as test-service under the service i am created the route named as test-endcustomer. while creating the service i am giving the host as https://personal-91siwo3k.outsystemscloud.com/ this one and path is


this one after that i am creating the route the host as ordering.com and path as /endcustomerslist. after that i am enables the oauth2 plugin in kong manager GUI there i am able to get the provision key. and then i am created the consumer named as karthick and make the credentials under the consumer tab there i am getting client id, client secret, also there asking for redirect uri i am giving the route endpoint that is which api i need to access that api endpoint. after that i am trying to generate the access token with help of client credentials i am using the ubuntu terminal that endpoint is.

curl -X POST "https://localhost:8443/test-service/oauth2/token"? -d “grant_type=client_credentials” -d “c
lient_id=PbgKKXnP1kqMiJwrXn8erCYwiJmt9DMg2” -d “client_secret=LRTI2CRTjpnppLBLYp3FoZVITLIoRs9b” --insecure

now i am not able to get the access token even though i have service routes but it will throw the error as.

“message”:“no Route matched with those values”

now to resolve this. i have configured kong properly my local host 8001, and manger port 8002 is working fine eventhough i am using the ubuntu terminal to get the response of some other api without oauth also i am able to get the response.