Deploying kong onto AWS EKS Cluster

Hi All,
i have a task to setup kong on our AWS EKS environment , i used the helm chart approach to install Kong with some custom parameters like the below

  • PostgreSQL DB
  • Konga GUI for Kong , then i connect the Kong to Konga GUI successfully

my case is

  • i have 5 microservices , each microservice is running on a specific port
  • what i’m trying to do is expose all my services with its name for ex if i have service called a i need to call this service from outside like x.x.x.x/a i’m working on this task from 3 days but unfortunately still stuck on how to create the service
    i try to use Konga UI to create a service then route for this service but the service is only expose like x.x.x.x:port/service
    what i need is to expose the service like x.x.x.x/service_name
    can any one help me on this
    thanks in advance

I think you’ll need to add the Path property of the Service object.
Refer- Service Object

So if you have 5 microservices on the same host, assuming-
Host = host
Service 1 Name = A, and so on

You’ll need to create 5 Service objects each having the same host, but different service paths.
For Service A,
host = host
path = /a

Also refer Path Handling algorithms mentioned here- Route Object

Hi Chirag,
what i’m done is like below

  • create a service for each microservice i have form Konga GUI with the below options
    • service_name
  • host = x.x.x.x
  • port = microservice_port_number
  • path = /microservice_name
  • create a route for each microservice i have form Konga GUI with the below options
  • route_name
  • host = x.x.x.x (same IP at the service)
  • path = /microservice_name (same path at service)

so what happens is when i navigate to the IP address x.x.x.x/microservice_name nothing appears
but when i navigate to IP Address x.x.x.x:microservice_port/microservice path i got the results

i think there is something wrong don’t know about it

i’m using one of my eks worker node public IPs , and i don’t know if this is right or no
but this ip address host my microservice

thanks in advance

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