decK With Large Config Files

Hi everyone,
I am trying to design a system with multiple DP nodes (for now I’m thinking to keep the DP nodes in DB-less mode but this is up for debate), and a single CP node to configure these DP nodes, but the DP nodes will be able to configured differently, I am planning to achieve this with using different tags for different DP configs. To update the configuration of a DP, admin does some admin API calls with the necessary tags and calls decK dump --select-tag foo, and then sends the resulting config file to the DP for configuration. The problem I have here is that the configuration files can be too large and sending the whole config file for a small change is not logical, could there be a workaround to only send the deltas of the config?

Also I wanted to learn the service impact of changing configurations of a DP, what happens to the requests that come when changing the configurations?

Using “deck,” I don’t think this will work. I believe you can use the “admin API” and the “patch command” to make changes and have them reflected.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a scenario where DP nodes with the same CP can have different configurations. But for handling small changes in Kong, take a look at a Terraform provider written for that:

If you’re not familiar with it, Terraform makes it much easier to manage different configurations for different environments.