Deck dump - Invalid RBAC credentials error

how do you pass credentials in the deck dump command. I am trying the following command and getting 401 error:

deck dump --headers “kong_admin:admin” --kong-addr https://kong-admin-api-**** --tls-skip-verify

Error: reading configuration from Kong: 401 Unauthorized {“message”:“Invalid RBAC credentials. Token or User credentials required”}

You want to pass the RBAC token as the kong-admin-token header.


deck dump --headers “kong-admin-token:<your-rbac-token>”

thanks Harry it worked however I am facing new error :
Error: reading configuration from Kong: route ‘16be390e-9d9a-440e-929d-85f873515ace’ does not have a name. decK needs routes to be named.
I am using Kong Enterprise 0.36-2 with Postgres 9.6.14.


As the error says, you need to add a name to the route for decK to export it.

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