Custom plugin too slow

I have develop a lua script to handle request. But it’s just about 800 QPS.(based on the ab test tool).
Finnaly, I found that I have to connect to remote server to get a query, and it should be keep-alive connection.
How can I use kee-alive connection in every request?

I’m assuming you would be using lua-resty-http as your HTTP client.

You can use the set_keepalive() API to reuse TCP connections.

You could refer to the http-log plugin for details:

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Thanks a lot.
But how can I debug with in luaJIT?
“resty.http” do not support debug standalone , but only within the the context of ngx_lua.

I have written the code, and I found that there are" not initialized" problem in my worker.

local httpc =                                    -- here is no problem nor traceback.
httpc:set_timeout(5000)                                     -- here is no problem nor traceback too.
ok, err = httpc:connect(host, port)                         -- here goes wrong,  "not initialized" all the time

how can I fix this problem?
I’ve check all the code, still find nothing wrong with my code.

My code has somthing wrong, Your idea is helpful.
My RPS increase to 1300+, thanks!