Plugin - Doubt, is it possible to be done?

I am creating a plugin for kong and I am in doubt if it could be done.

What I need to do with this plugin is basically destroy, close, the connection after a given time (each connection has a different expiration time). I’m using a websocket.
Could this be done?

Thank you

I’m not sure but I don’t think this can be done.
@datong.sun @bungle can probably confirm here.

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Thank you very much, I will wait for their confirmation.

You can give body filter a try. Although if there is no data between the server and client it won’t be invoked anyway.

Likely this is not achievable with Lua.

Update: I looked into the ngx_http_upstream_process_upgraded function, it seems that WebSocket proxying bypasses the body filter completely (which kinda makes sense). So body filter won’t work either.

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Thank you for all the help, apparently it is not possible, right?

Thanks again

You could possibly terminate websocket in plugin and make the plugin make another websocket to upstream. I have always wanted to make that kind of plugin. E.g. websocket in, rest to upstream, which makes all the rest apis websocket apis too. But I have not went further with the idea. Or perhaps otherway around, rest in, and websockets to upstream.