Custom Plugin Title, Description, and Image

When attempting to create a custom plugin, we noticed the title of the plugin is a “hyphen separated” title, and that there is no description nor image when observing the custom plugin.

What changes need to be done to the schema.lua file, or any other file, to have this included in the custom plugin ?

Notice, the image is better delivered as “data:image/png;base64” rather than in a reference to some internet accessible resource.

Appreciate any help on the subject. This doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere (for example: nothing here: Plugin Configuration - Kong Gateway | Kong Docs )


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Hi there - custom image usage for the custom plugin tile is not currently supported. this was originally deemed unsafe for security reasons. adding a description field to the custom plugin overall is a good idea and we can consider that. you can add a ‘description’ at a per field level which will show up in the tooltip if you hover above the question mark in the UI. You can see how that is done in this OSS plugin: kong/kong/plugins/ip-restriction/schema.lua at master · Kong/kong · GitHub

Thanks for the feedback and I do agree that adding some description of the plugin itself and how to use it (or even just a link to an internal doc on how it’s used) would be helpful. We will consider that and the image issue in the future. Thanks!