Consumers and API Keys are removed by Kong Ingress controller 2.7.0

Kong Ingress Controller 2.7.0 automatically removes consumers and API Keys which were added via the Kong Admin API. We use Kong with a Postgres 9.5.25 DB. According to Tag every resource in Kong that is managed by the ingress controller · Issue #246 · Kong/kubernetes-ingress-controller · GitHub this issue should have been resolved. It keeps on happening on our staging environment. When we do a GET on the services, routes and plugin resources via the Kong Admin API we see the “managed-by-ingress-controller” tag. The consumers and the api keys have no tags.

Can you provide example resources and admin API logs that show this occurring?

Resources without the controller tag should be effectively invisible to the controller, so you shouldn’t see DELETE or PUT (update) requests for untagged resources from the controller. You may encounter issues if you have overlapping directly-added and controller-added resources (if you create a consumer via the admin API and then create a KongConsumer with the same username, for example), but shouldn’t encounter issues with separate untagged resources.