Can Kong do application-load-balancing also (I'm confused)?

I have a question because I am a little confused and I’m sure that others are just as confused as I am.

AWS has two separate products: 1) ALB for Application-Load-Balancing and 2) API Gateway.

These two products have some resemblance, not totally but some to the extent that network requests are taken as input and forwarded somewhere based on some internal logic.

My question is simple: We know that Kong is an API Gateway. Can Kong do ALB – Application Load Balancing also?

Any comments on the separation (or lack thereof) of these two functionalities would be appreciated.

Does Upstreams:

And Targets:

Answer your question?

See also:
Load Balancing Reference:

and Health Checks and Circuit Breakers Reference:

You may also use other load-balancing products with Kong, such as Amazon’s. We do also support proxy_protocol in case you need that when using external load balancers.

Hi cp10000,

you found answer to your question? I am also looking for whether Kong can do ALB- Application Load Balancing also??

Please help me with this if you found answer.


I use “kong.response.exit(res.status, res.body)”
when res.status=200,The interface is open ,no problem
but when res.status!=200,have questions
questions is No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

Did I configure it right?
thank you