Can anyone help with this?

Hi, So I am following the Kong Offical documentation and have set up Kong and Cassandra. But when I add a service, I get this. See Screenshot.

The database is bootstrapped alright. And I can’t figure out where this is coming from.

The only change I made from the official path was changing some ports as Nginx was already using some ports required by Kong.

This is what I used:

docker run -d --name kong \
     --network=kong-net \
     -e "KONG_DATABASE=cassandra" \
     -e "KONG_PG_HOST=kong-database" \
     -e "KONG_PG_USER=kong" \
     -e "KONG_PG_PASSWORD=kong" \
     -e "KONG_CASSANDRA_CONTACT_POINTS=kong-database" \
     -e "KONG_PROXY_ACCESS_LOG=/dev/stdout" \
     -e "KONG_ADMIN_ACCESS_LOG=/dev/stdout" \
     -e "KONG_PROXY_ERROR_LOG=/dev/stderr" \
     -e "KONG_ADMIN_ERROR_LOG=/dev/stderr" \
     -e "KONG_ADMIN_LISTEN=, ssl" \
     -p 8000:8000 \
     **-p 8445:8443 \**
     -p \
     **-p \**

OK I figured it out. There was actually a previous installation on my Ubuntu machine in db-less mode.

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