Attempting to test out Kong with Helm Chart

Seems to install okay onto a blank cluster with newly initialized Helm. Used this: . Checked the logs of every piece of infra on K8 and it all looked fine and Kong seems to be running, but no External IP ever popped…I had to Google different docs for K8 installation since they weren’t in the Helm Chart Read (Lame). Found this: . It seems to imply something in the configurations of Kong (Though maybe not in the Helm chart?) would expose those external IP’s. Going to comb through some of the Helm chart to see what’s what but I figured I’d post here because why not?

Found this: Installed via Helm Chart, Now What?

By overloading some defaults in the values.yaml, I updated my deployment and changed the admin and proxy to use type “LoadBalancer” instead of “NodePort”. After that, I had to use curl -k and hit the https://:8444 as it was serving over HTTPS and has a self signed cert which required “-k” option of curl to ignore it.

After that, worked fine.

@clee Glad you found the solution.

I’m thinking of making the service type to default to LoadBalancer in future releases of the Helm chart.

I definitely expect tutorial/test stuff to work out of the box, so that’d be a good idea.

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