Apply multiple KongIngresses


I am trying to apply multiple KongIngresses to a single Ingress like it is possible with plugins in the annotation:” = “global,healthcheck”
Seems not to work.

The reason why I want this is: I’d like to have some settings, https_redirect_status_code in this case, applied to all my ingresses and services but some special settings for only some ingresses or services.
Is this somehow possible?

This is not possible as of today.

For your specific use case, there is one feature that has been talked about in the past of how you can supply a KongIngress like ConfigMap to the Ingress Controller itself and then each resource is always defaulted to that and then further customization or overriding is done via the CRD supplied via annotation.

What do you think about such a feature?

I was thinking about some default KongIngress as well. I think the best for our use case would be to merge the “default” settings with the ones from the annotations. Would still be great to be able to set multiple ingresses in the annotations with preferences like (default < annotation1 < annotation2). Then you could make functional grouped KongIngresses.

This makes sense. This is backlogged already so wait for this feature to come up in future!

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Has this ever been implemented?