Add JSON payload

So, I have just started working with Kong and there are a couple of things I’m not able to grasp yet.

Basically and I think like most, what I have to do is to forward an API request through Kong to the HPOO (Operation Orchestration) API.
We don’t want to use the OO API directly.

I was able to create a Service and Route and talk directly to OO. I got to the login landing page, I have to work on the authentication.

I’m not able to understand how to add the json payload.

For example:

  "flowUuid": "6ef0d8a8-3bca-405c-923b-be2271d1234",
  "runName": "%RITM_ID%-%RITM_Item%",
  "logLevel": "STANDARD",
  "inputs": {
    "F5_host": "Dev-SIP :",
    "F5_certificate_name": "test_daniel",
    "F5_common_name": "",
    "F5_country": "AR",
    "F5_city": "Cordoba",
    "F5_state": "Cordoba",
    "F5_org": "MyIT",
    "F5_org_unit": "MyIT ITS"

Anyone has an example I could use to understand how to forward the JSON payload through Kong?


Hi biancode,

Generally Kong forwards any request it sees from client to the upstream. You could use the same mechanism to send payload to Kong as you talk to OO API directly.

If you are looking for mutating the request in Kong, request transformer plugin might be useful.

Yes, thanks.
I realized as soon as I tested it :slight_smile: