Ability to add a database table prefix

The ability to add a prefix to the tables for the database.

We currently use postgres in AWS RDS and having the ability to add a prefix to the table name would allow use to use the existing schema without worrying about a table name conflict.

e.g. with “kong_” as the prefix
acls -> kong_acls
routes -> kong_routes
targets -> kong_targets
plugins -> kong_plugins


I believe that is the use-case for PostgreSQL schemas? We do have an old issue proposing the ability to specify the schema in Kong itself, and another issue suggesting to use the schema search path and, after an old (merged) PR, should work just fine :slight_smile:

We are using the schema currently but when trying to do anything other than rds snapshots in amazon (pg_dump & pg_restore) don’t play well because you can’t access the Postgres user and it gets very funky with permissions. In order to set the search_path to a different schema under a different user. You can’t restore or even pg_dump because of back and forth permissions issues because of the lack of the Postgres user access