308 permanent redirect error with kubernetes cluster


I have deployed kong proxy on ubuntu. upstream service (service mapped to kong) could be behind an ELB or on kubernetes. Both of these are https end points. kong proxy is able to call the https service behind ELB correctly but for the service behind Kubernetes ingress it gets 308 permanent redirect error. If I call the https service behind kuberenetes ingress directly then it works fine.

It seems the http request made from kong has either some extra headers or something else is different which is forcing kubernetes to throw 308 error.

What is the upstream host that you are using? It might be that the host header expected is different.

Also, please make sure that you configure Kong to use HTTPS upstream and not the default HTTP.

I have already checked all these things. Still not sure what makes K8s ingress throw 308 error. But if I make https request to kong proxy then it works fine. Now it should not make any difference whether I make http or https call to kong proxy as long as service configuration is instructed to use https protocol. But here in this case it does.