Kong is returning a 308 insted of requesting the data to upstream server

I’m having a issue related to configuring a service and route.

Instead of querying the upstream server and proxying the response to the client, kong is returning a 308 with the location header set

Since i’m trying to access a k8s service without an ingress controller the client fails to get the response

Here’s my configuration (according to konga)


  "read_timeout": 60000,
  "id": "65c7c8e1-6973-4c1f-b88c-8d6722232228",
  "path": "/api/v1",
  "host": "svc-name.service-namespace.svc.cluster.local",
  "write_timeout": 60000,
  "name": "k8s-backed-api",
  "tags": [],
  "tls_verify": null,
  "retries": 5,
  "tls_verify_depth": null,
  "client_certificate": null,
  "port": 80,
  "created_at": 1639409245,
  "updated_at": 1639409534,
  "ca_certificates": null,
  "connect_timeout": 60000,
  "protocol": "http"


  "service": {
    "id": "65c7c8e1-6973-4c1f-b88c-8d6722232228"
  "headers": null,
  "id": "3351d19e-9f95-46f7-829a-cf1dc1d5c400",
  "path_handling": "v0",
  "https_redirect_status_code": 426,
  "snis": null,
  "name": "my-route",
  "response_buffering": true,
  "tags": []
  "paths": [
  "methods": null,
  "protocols": [
  "destinations": null,
  "request_buffering": true,
  "strip_path": true,
  "preserve_host": true,
  "regex_priority": 0,
  "created_at": 1639409379,
  "updated_at": 1639409893,
  "sources": null,
  "hosts": null

Turns out I was missing the ‘/’ at the end of the path