🦍 3/16 Building a Cloud Agnostic API Platform – Design and Best Practices [Tech Talk[

In this episode of our Tech Talk series, Siddharth Saikumar (Cloud Security Engineering, Vanguard) and Ragunath Sudalaimuthu (Lead Software Engineer, Lowe’s) will show us design and best practices for building a cloud agnostic API platform.

Digital modernization accelerated the API ecosystem in every organization. A successful API strategy is paramount to an organization’s growth trajectory.

In this session, we shall go over how to enable a cloud agnostic API platform with Kong Gateway on Kubernetes, with the power of a custom developer portal to reduce the time to market and ease of consumer management.

We will cover a broad range of topics including: CI/CD, Kubernetes deployment and operators, Vault integration, Kong Ingress Controller, OpenTelemetry, REST/GraphQL API enablement, and more.

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